8 Daughters

Olivia's slumber party went well. 7 girls and a baby had a great time. There was play on all fronts. Outside in the rain, on the swings, in the garage and even a play. Yes, a play. Costumes and all. Despite all the energy the party went well with everyone having a splendid time. I'm certain there were many little gals wide awake late into the night. There are also many happy parents who have worn out children on a Saturday night. (You're welcome!)

The girls ate waffles with berries, chocolate syrup and whipped cream. Constant chatting and endless laughter filled the breakfast table with fun. Of course they were properly dressed in character. I should have taken photos of those costumes. 7 girls sitting at the table with wild costumes and a little baby sitting in her saucer enjoying the noise of each other.

While the girls were filling the house with breakfast noise I watched Keith working the waffle iron. Bowl full of batter, music rocking, Keith was in the breakfast zone. I asked him "So, how does it feel to be a father of 8 daughters?"

He responded "I don't know, but what I do know is if we had 8 daughters we'd need more whipped cream for waffles every weekend. And fruit. We'd need more fruit."

And there you have it. All it takes is just plenty of whipped cream. I will add earplugs.


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