This sweater was meant for Olivia. I cast on long ago. At the time it was a few sizes too large factoring in that I'd be slow at finishing it. I never expected that I'd let it go unfinished for four years. I have only the sleeves to finish. Simple sleeves. Plus some neckline finishing. All minor quick work. Easy.

I'm feeling the pressure because for a year (yes a year!) that sweater has been laying on my craft table waiting to be worked on. Taunting me. Obviously not enough because it's still there. My goal is to pick this sweater back up and get it done. Make it before Adelynn is too big to wear it. Also there is the never ending questioning from Olivia. She asks about that sweater. Which makes me wonder if I can somehow adjust it to fit her. The width seems ok it is meant to be bulky. I can pick up some stitches along the bottom and add to the length. I don't know. First I'd like to see how the sleeves come along before I go adding length. So far the sleeve is not as bulky as the rest of the sweater. Which means that this looks like it is going to be too small for Olivia. I think that I'll need to stop thinking of Olivia for this sweater and focus on making it work for Adelynn.

I don't know. We'll see. I can make things happen perhaps this sweater will work out.

But. I just can't get this Tiny Tea Leaves sweater out of my head. It just seems more Olivia.


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