The scent of summer

Summer is near. I can smell the change in the air it is full of blooming flowers and growing plants. Late morning walks are becoming a routine for the baby and I. We are finally getting into a pattern of activities. With the expectation of typical sleep and eating patterns getting out has been easier to do. We bid the big girls farewell and watch them walk to school. A simple breakfast, a diaper change and water bottles filled it is time for Adelynn to take her mobile nap. She wiggles with happy baby coos when she sees her stroller. Even though she will fall asleep quickly she loves going out for a walk. Buckled in with toys at hand Adelynn leans back and relaxes. That big smile tells quite a story.

We try to get our walk in before lunch so that the sunshine is not too harsh, not to mention the sticky heat starting to creep into the day. We particularly enjoy breezy mornings. Those days fill the air with summer scents. I know we are turning the corner to summer when the air smells of honeysuckle. The plants grow wild in the woods drawing the attention of bees and children. The simple little flowers find their way into jelly jars filled with water as a reminder of the humble beauty of the plant. These jars will be placed in the kitchen, on window sills and even on the porch. All places that need the touch of honeysuckle.

On our walk we see many things. Overgrown yards waiting to be mowed, fresh cut lawns, bird baths freshly filled, lounging cats and eager dogs. Gardens that are the rival of the street and others that desperately need some help. Porches filled with comfortable chairs waiting for a guest visit. Wind chimes swinging in the breeze setting the musical sounds of summer to carry a tune far and wide. Little things we see are the busy ants, buzzing bees and annoying flies. Birds constantly chattering to one another as they finish up their breakfast rush.They can be quite frantic finishing up their duties.

By the time we return home the heat is increasing. A moment in the shade feels fantastic. Adelynn is just about awake, she always seems to know when our walk is done. Water bottle empty a cool glass is waiting for us inside the house. Before stepping inside we take one more look around the back yard. Listen to the birds. Watch the trees dance in the wind and take in one more breath of the sweet summer air. We will take refuge inside from the heat and sun. In a few hours we will venture out again as the sun sets. Oh summer we know you're coming and we are looking forward to all that you have to offer.


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