Serious, Staples, Scary

Serious, Staples, Scary. It's a game. A made up one. This game was created by Olivia and her current best friend. For some reason this was created as a way to engage several kids on the playground. I'm not quite certain about the rules and even the goal or point of the game.

When I asked Olivia about the game she tried to explain it as best she could, because, you know, I am a grown up and all and just may not get it. From what I can understand it mostly involves running and chasing. There really is no limit to the number of children able to play. A good number is at least five. The point is to have a police like person capture wrong doers. The "catcher" must round up people and take them to the Supreme Court. When caught the person is supposed to pretend to struggle while they are taken away. The Supreme Court is an agreed upon landmark on the playground, like a bench. So as you are struggling on your way to the Supreme Court you can't actually get free, you must go to court. Once there you must remain at court until the "catcher" decides to let you go or your lawyer comes to free you. It's not clear to me who the lawyers are in the game. It seems like they end up being non-players who decide to join to save people.

Now if you are like me you are wondering to yourself about those words. Why is the game called serious, staples, scary? The reason is that those words are the magic words. All the while the game is on if the captured kids at court hear any one of those words the players must freeze and hide. That signifies the end of the game. Now the important detail about those words is that they can only be said by non-players. Players can say them but they will not end the game. Once the game is re-set a new "catcher" is nominated (?) and then the new game begins.

I was a little confused trying to understand this game. When I asked for more explanation Olivia had none to share. She pointed out that these are the rules for THIS week. As far as she knows it will be different next time they play. She added they often amend the rules each day. It keeps the game fresh. They all have to agree to the changes but it seems to work for that group that has become obsessed with the game. Apparently there is quite the following at school. Also there are different rules based on the number of kids playing.The complication of playground games has made this one wild and crazy game. And to think all I did was play tag or kick ball, gee what a boring way to spend recess.


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