About a million things going on at once. That's what Monday seems to feel like every morning. I seemed to have gotten most of that million things long list done. Yet there are some that I am purposefully putting off. Such as clearing off the office desk. I have a mountain of things that need to be scanned: School work for the girls, report cards, bills, artwork, insurance forms, receipts, and a plethora of other stuff.

I despise scanning after a certain point.

Really it has to do with one thing. That I'd much rather use those 20 minutes of baby free time for myself not to sit in front of the computer scanning piles of papers. Not that I'd really get much done otherwise. I get all excited thinking about those 20 minutes and what I could do in that time. Oh there is knitting, reading, countless other things. Do I do any of them? Nope. I end up wasting time trying to CHOOSE.


I am an idiot.

One day I'll get it together and then I will feel like I did something fun-ish.


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