Burn it up

I didn't expect the heat to suddenly be here. There is no easing into the summer in these parts. It just shows up one day and makes your head spin. The past week has been hot, late summer hot. Great for the pool which is making the children very happy. It does not make this Mama happy. The HOT so early in the morning means going out for a walk is much trickier to do. I've just not been able to be ready to go by 9am. Trying to weed and water before I head out has put me behind. I have not walked for a few days and we need to get out. Adelynn and I were in need of an outing. Being inside all day makes us batty. Once school lets out we'll all be able to get out earlier in the day to avoid that heat.

This morning when I went outside to water the garden I knew today was going to be a good one to go for a walk. The air was not unbearable at 7am. Always a good sign. Today was great for a walk and garden chores. The rains that came through, of course not dropping any on us, cooled down the burning heat. The breeze was fantastic. Air movement. What a novelty after days of stagnant steamy heat. I didn't feel the oppressive humidity that was here all week. It makes such a difference. After the walk I worked on weeding and vegetable picking. There were so many lettuces to trim that the basket was full after 5 minutes of cutting. The trickier harvesting was the peas. All tucked away behind netting many of those peas were hard to reach. Next time I'll plant them closer to the front so I can easily reach those pods. I have some more to harvest and maybe Leah will do it for me. She loves to go picking. Plus it's so much easier to harvest when you don't have a baby strapped to your back. While I was in the garden I moved some plants around. The pumpkins have begun to take over the veg patch. Seeing how huge the vines are getting it became clear to me that I needed to transplant the cucumber. It won't get much sun if I left it in the back right corner. Instead it was rescued and moved to a middle location. There it should be able to get plenty of sun and not have to be smothered by the pumpkins. Oh there were many others I moved but really what does it matter? You can't eat those flowers.

It won't be long. Those tomatoes are going to be ready soon.


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