Corners of my home: Olivia's room

I took my camera out and ventured into Olivia's room. Because her room is a dangerous mess most days of the week the camera had to be aimed high. I begin with her butterflies. There are three but, again, the third is nearer to a messy shelf so the other two will do. The butterflies were a gift from Aunt Laura. They have been around for some time now. Years ago they hung in the room Leah and Olivia shared. There was much controversy in the who gets these butterflies. Eventually Leah decided that she was not much into butterflies and they have become a part of Olivia's room. Hand painted paper gently strung and very delicate they are still making a flutter. They are lucky to still be in one piece after our move. I packed them well but they were smashed up when a heavy box fell on the box they were in. Nevertheless they survived. A minor bit of damage but who can tell when they are hung high. Olivia loves them. She loves how they flutter about. All I can think about is how long will they hang in her room before she decides they are not acceptable. I hope to see them fluttering in her room for many more years.

As I turn around I notice the framed poster above Olivia's bed. I found this one in a small shop in Galena, Illinois. This was way back when I was attending college in nearby Iowa. About once a month a friend and I would venture there to cruise the Old Town area browsing countless shops. On one of the visits I happened across a tiny store, the door almost hidden, where they sold vintage posters and various other artwork. I paid a dollar for this poster and another by the same artist. I hung them in my dorm for years and then packed them up when I finally left Iowa for good. This poster has been to Colorado and now Virginia. I held on to it for many reasons. I had hoped to hang this poster properly and likely in a child's room or play room. After years of hiding in a poster tube I decided it was time I matted and framed it. The motivation was Adelynn. I was searching for a good variety of artwork to put in the nursery and remembered this poster. It was perfect for a boy's room and even a girl's room. However once we painted Adelynn's room sage green this poster was no longer able to a part of the decor. The two greens just didn't work very well with each other. I thought about hanging this in Leah's room knowing the green would go very well with her yellow walls highlighting the yellow in the little boy's shirt. Leah had her eye on a cat poster so I asked Olivia what she thought of it. As usual she shrugged and agreed that it could become a part of her room. Either way she didn't mind. That made the decision easy for me but I was a little bothered by Olivia's indifference. I understand this poster does not have any of the following: soccer balls, soccer players, soccer fields, or Hello Kitty on it. All the things that are a good fit for her. So, indifference aside we went ahead and had Daddy hang it up. Now she loves the poster. I love the poster. I love that it's in her room. It's just perfect for her. The one little girl playing with boys. How more Olivia can it get?


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