Saturday goings

Another day of solid hot steamy temperatures outside has been limiting our energy. You can only stand so much of that heat before it makes even the most pleasant person feel the grumpies coming. While this heat decides to take hold and linger we have decided to take advantage of the early and later parts of our day.

There have been the pre-breakfast garden duties paired with some good long swings on the swing set. Olivia has even found a way to work on her foot skills moving the soccer ball around the sprinklers on the lawn. Although she misses her typical hard drives up the lawn those moves have been replaced by slower more precise ball handling. I think that she is benefiting from the slower pace.

My typical weeding has been cut down. Boy howdy once that sun gets going that humidity sure makes the task less desirable. Little by little is my goal. We have some garden clearing to do so as to make room for our late season crop of veg. Sweet potatoes. Hrrmmph. Those guys are really making themselves welcome in that portion of the garden. And limiting my spare space. Nevertheless I'll press on. Cleverness is going to win out in the end.

Due to the heat our meals have been simple. Like corn on the cob for dinner. With a side of cool cantaloupe. Although we can go on for days eating that, well we girls, that is not going to help us charge through our CSA box. That's why tonight we're thinking like the French and having ratatouille. I'm getting everything ready to make my Easy Spiral Ratatouille tonight. I'll add a little egg noodle pasta and we're done. The plan is to eat a quick supper and then hit the pool. We'll follow that up with some ice cream for dessert.


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