Corners of my house: coffee table

This coffee table has been around for quite some time. It was given to me by a college friend eager to split town after graduation. The table survived 2 toddlers, several moves and one cat. Where it once served as the perfect place to rest a beverage, weary feet or a plate of food it now holds books. Lots of them. I consider this clean in comparison to what it often looks like on an average day. I took this picture to remind me of the great treasures we found at our local thrift store. All of those children's books were found tucked away between many other children's titles. Ok so the atlases are not thrift store finds, they are Keith's books which often find themselves migrating around the house. The man does love maps. Typically the adult books can be found buried under heaps of children's books. I think at the moment those atlases have several dozen four leaf clovers inside being pressed flat. Just about any substantial weighted book will have four leaf clovers tucked inside. In our home reading a book will bring you luck.


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