Pie Spotter

Summer in our house is a season of many names: pool, vacation, camp, garden and the best PIE. We eat plenty of pie around here during the summer. Taking advantage of all that fresh fruit just makes it such an easy dessert. Our family is full of different opinions when it comes to which is the best pie. The best pie is the pie worthy of a fight for the last piece, no bite. Keith is a pumpkin pie man. Olivia follows her spring favor and devours strawberry rhubarb. Leah loves a good jumble-berry pie. I enjoy a peach blueberry pie.

There is one pie that supersedes all pies in this house. This summer pie causes riots. It is the pie that has the shortest lifespan in our home. It is the pie that would be stolen if left unattended.

Sour Cherry Pie. 

This pie motivates us to pick 30 pounds of cherries on a blistering hot June day. This pie is so special that we hardly share our cherry bounty with just any person. No, no, we don't share such splendid deliciousness with just anyone. I mean, if we ourselves are trying to be the first person in the house to wake-up just to eat cherry pie for breakfast you know this is something. This pie causes our family to make a slice count every time we pass by it on the counter. I make this pie only a few times a year. We always eat it the day after we pick our cherries. The other pies will come randomly through the year. Depending on our harvest we may only see this pie 3 times. My cherry pie is mood altering. So I tend to make it when our family needs a lift. There is nothing better than a comfort pie.

It just so happens that we were able to secure a decent harvest this year so we can enjoy more than our usual 3 pies. I refuse to put a number on the pies I could make. It's just better to keep my stash a surprise. Nevertheless cherry pie is still and always going to be a treat for us. That's why when I made this pie last (way back in June) there was no wasting of the precious pie. Not a speck.

On that pie's last night in our home I dished out every one's slice. Keith, Leah, Olivia and then mine. Keith, the professional pie eater he is, took 3 seconds to eat his generous slice. Leah and Olivia unwilling to allow Keith to sneak a bite gobbled their up seconds after his was gone. All that was left was my piece. I too wanted to gobble my precious piece. With 3 sets of eyes on me it was a dangerous room. Respecting their mother the girls watched me sit down eager to savour my pie. I pulled my chair close to the table, fork in hand, the other resting on the edge of my plate. I took my first two bites enjoying the bliss of summer cherries. I could feel Keith crowding me in. He knelt next to me his right arm on the back of my chair his left arm inches from my hand which was now clutching my plate. He stared at me as I ate my next bite. He inched closer to me. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed that when I took a bite his mouth opened up. It was so very strange.

Finally I stopped. I turned to him. He broke out in a very mischievous grin. I asked him what he was doing.

He replied: "I'm your pie spotter."

He wanted to make sure that I would not miss a bite of that cherry pie. That is some pie folks. Let me know if you need a pie spotter because I know of a good one that could use some work.


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