Raspberry patch

These are just some of the memories of our day at the pick your own farm near our home. We have been visiting this farm quite often this summer. I love taking advantage of a beautiful for picking fruit. Our quest 2 weeks ago was to pick raspberries and peaches. Although we were right on time for the raspberries we darn near missed the peaches. Usually we pick several pecks but this year we opted for a more reasonable 2 peck limit of peaches. Believe me that is plenty. When it comes to peaches I see jam. Lots of beautiful jars of jam. We enjoyed a few of those peaches sliced up alongside supper. I was hoping to make a peach trifle.....but we just have not had the fridge space for that dessert. Maybe another time.

This was the first time Leah and Olivia picked raspberries. They were glad Mama remembered to bring some gloves and small buckets. I like to wear my rose pruning glove on my left hand so that I am able to push back some of the raspberry canes to reach deep into those branches. A decent stick will do the trick too but I prefer a gloved hand. Having a gloved hand will increase your picking time. Leah was amazed at how much faster she could pick when I showed her my tip. We could have picked for hours. The sun was out a gentle breeze and low 80s made it a perfect day for picking. Once we had a full flat of berries we called it a day. New this year is going to be our raspberry jam. Leah was murmuring about tarts as she collected berries. Olivia just wanted to eat as many as she could. While Adelynn is far too young to pick or even understand how crazy her mother and big sisters are she too had fun. Her wagon was full of toys and books. Although those were great for entertainment she was much more excited to play with leaves and dandelions.

These berries and peaches indicate the end of summer fruit. Soon we will return for apples. Oh how I can't wait for those apples. Olivia and Leah have been craving more applesauce and pie. I can't help but think about what a treat apple crisp is for breakfast. Mmmm apples. One thing at a time, one season at a time. While we dream about those apples and what they may become I will be pondering raspberries. Jam, jam, jam, love the jam.


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