Summer goings

The second week of soccer camp is nearly over. Olivia has been training for 3 hours a day for 10 days. 30 hours! If I count all the extra kicking around in the yard then that number is even higher. Season practice begins next week which means less hectic mornings. The morning camps will be replaced with evening time on the pitch. Next weekend her team has their first tournament. It will not be easy. A weekend of tough competition will be expected. That is fine. I am happy she is excited to play in a tourney. She loves them. Of course she wants her team to win but she ultimately wants her team to play hard.

In a few days Leah will turn 11. Becoming a middle schooler. When did that happen? She has been reading the Harry Potter series all over. After seeing the last movie recently she has found an interest in learning more about the beginning. I love it. I love that she has read the first 2 books in 3 days. She is ready to keep on going. Reading hasn't been the only thing keeping her busy. Writing has been a big demand in her day. She spends time in her room creating all sorts of stories. I'm eager to read some of these stories she tells me so much about. Olivia has also influenced Leah to gain a re-interest in soccer. Leah has been the ever willing keeper to give Olivia a challenge at targeting that net. Leah's reflexes are incredible. The way she blocks those power kicks is amazing. Perhaps she may make a return to the pitch herself.

Adelynn will be 11 months old in a few days. Hmm, 11 is a big number this month. Her first teeth are cresting. It's giving her an added edge at eating, which she loves, helping her bite food. Still no mobility. She has the strength but that motion is still on pause. She does a little rear end scooting. Often she will scoot turning herself around to reach things. In the mean time the house is still safe from destruction. Once Adelynn gets moving she will be so happy to learn the joy of discovery. Right now I'm loving how her little chubby legs curl around my hip as I tote her around the house. We've been good pals she and I. Although her assistance at cooking has stopped due to those strong grabby hands. Everything is so interesting to her. Food is always a draw. She wants to sample everything. I love her eagerness to try. Not everything has been tasty. For the life of me I can't figure out why mashed potatoes are not a favorite. She will pass them up for a bite of that meatloaf.

Lincoln our kitten has settled in comfortably. He sleeps all over. At night he tends to sit guard at the top of the staircase outside of our bedroom door. He has been making those middle of the night nursing visits with Adelynn tricky. Nevertheless he is full of love. Constantly purring he has quite the personality. He and Adelynn have been building a nice relationship. He sees her as a snack machine. Her cereal, cheese, yogurt and other food is up for grabs when she isn't looking. I've caught on to him though so he tries hard to be sneaky. When they are not eating they can be found on the living room floor playing with toys. Lincoln loves the Little People as much as Adelynn. She loves to chew on them and so does he. Partners in mischief. He loves being near her but is very aware that she tends to be very grabby. He has learned not to be too close or he might get a little rough baby petting. Both are learning to be gentle with each other.

Keith has been working on cutting alphabet letters in the garage. He is experimenting with some fonts. So far so good. He may work on creating each of the girls' names. With this drought we have been watching our garden slip away. Dormancy is setting in. The trees are withering and dropping leaves. The vegetables are being watered but even then only limited amounts. My tomatoes are done. The heat and lack of water has made them die back. I enjoyed those 5 tomatoes I got. I was hoping for more. I was thinking of working a 3 harvest crop of veg but I'm thinking about taking a break this time. I'm lacking the energy to set my lettuces out this time. With the dryness too I'm not sure now is a good time to get some seed in the ground. The birds have been poaching our garden enough. I'm wanting to focus more on some knitting. I've set it aside a while and it's time for me to get some things made.


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