Adelynn's birthday began in the early hours of sunrise. She does love to wake before 6am every day even if it is her birthday. With a Saturday morning of big waffles to make and a house full of hungry people Daddy got the morning started off right. He filled up some celebratory balloons to cheer up the place. We had fun watching her play with balloons all morning long. A day of fun was for certain.

Some family and friends joined us to celebrate Adelynn's big ONE today. The cake was a big hit. Never one to figure my kids for being good cake eaters we were all pleased to see Adelynn didn't waste time enjoying her cake. We even had to keep her hands off of it during the birthday song. She was ready to devour it right away. That's my girl. I can't help but laugh about that face she made after she had eaten so much cake. She looked positively stuffed!

Adelynn was treated with so many wonderful birthday goodies. The highlight was her new scooter of course. It had all sorts of bits and pieces perfect for a girl her age. She is so fond of that little cell phone. I'm sure this scooter will keep her busy for a long time. Maybe just maybe this scooter will help her get that walking underway!


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