Almost 1

At almost 1 Adelynn is slowly moving her way into toddler-hood. She has been working on crawling but has yet to master the movement. She prefers to bum scoot. Using her feet she just scoots across the floor in a sitting position. If she is on carpet this proves to be a little less efficient. In that circumstance she will just pick her bottom up and scoot it to the side. Mobility her way.

Even though this unique form of movement is not quite as efficient as crawling it is still fast. The wood floors provide speed in scooting. Because she likes to get around now we have been shifting our behaviors. Whereas before she was able to move so quickly the need to keep constant watch on her was not required. Now. Well now we must have a visual of that little girl. She loves to get into new things. Particularly the kitty food. Although there has yet to be a sampling of the food it won't take long before she decides to eat it. I'm trying to think of a new place for the kitty food and water. Haven't any ideas yet but I'm still looking. I anticipate a high location because anything low will be found by my little seeker.

Gates. Yes gates will be making a comeback in our home. With two sets of stairs to explore there is great need to ensure that Adelynn won't find herself in a dangerous place. We'll need to get our safety proofing underway. A learning process each time. Not one of our girls were the same. One walked at 10 months (Ahem Leah) the other crawled early and became a fearless climber (Ahem Olivia) and now with Adelynn we're waiting to see where she will go. Likely something to give us a run around.

Besides being eager to move about Adelynn has been nothing short of an exceptionally happy baby. (All our girls have been happy babies!) She's the charmer though. Don't let that adorable grin and big blue eyes fool you. She is going to be a handful I just know it. She by far has been the most observant of our girls. She is all eyes. I have a feeling that the car keys will need to be up high if not hidden from this one!

As far as communication goes we have been hearing a few words coming from her mouth. Mostly it is babble. Her inflections with the babble tell me she will be talking very soon. Especially considering when that naughty kitty takes a toy away from her. Oh man she will tell him a thing or two with her cute little furrowed brow and shame-shame finger point. So funny! She says "THAT!" plenty and often is referring to the kitty. She calls for Leah, Olivia and Mama by name. Although Leah and Olivia sounds very similar when she says it. There is a teeny difference between the names she speaks so often it just sounds like "leah" each time. We're working on Dada but she hasn't gotten the "d" sound out. She loves to point to his picture in the hallway and smile at him. Pointing to things she wants has become her new thing this past week. Finally she sees us responding to her actions. Pointing to the rocking chair when she wants to nurse, pointing to the kitty when she wants to pet him, pointing to the swing when she wants to go outside. When she wants Mama she will point to me. When she sees me coming she will point again and clap. I love being cheered on when I come to pick up a little baby. How great is that? Sure is better than having a crying baby stare at you. About the clapping; That is her happy response. When she plays on the floor and is having a good time she will spin around on her bottom and clap. It is the cutest one bit.

Other things she notices are supper time prayers. She understands that we "sing" before we eat our meal. This of course is exciting to her. She loves to "sing" along with us getting even more excited as we all say the prayer together. She has been very fond of the Wii. She has to hold her own controller while her big sisters play games. It won't be long until Adelynn will be playing along with them. She's bound to be the best gamer yet. Animals are a big hit with Adelynn. Loves dogs. Loves cats. Loves critters. She has such a great time watching Lincoln buzz around the house. Plus with the neighbor's dog Scrappy outside often Adelynn gets to watch him cruise around the yard while she eats. I love seeing her get excited when she watches Scrappy play ball. Very cute to see her being happy that he's playing.

Eating has been still going well. She loves to eat most things which has been such a relief. She will try anything. Now, there are some things she does not like but she'll still eat it. Mashed potatoes are not a favorite but if that's all Daddy will give her then that's what she will eat. Silly Daddy. We have her try as much as we can to help her develop a taste for many things. Her appetite is decent. She eats three meals and 2 snacks a day. In addition she is still nursing every 3 hours. I'm still beat every day from her 2-4 wakings a night to eat. Yikes! That must be some metabolism! Growth spurt I think. Hope. I suppose all those hours scooting around really make a baby hungry.

Now as we approach 1 year old I wonder what our next year together will bring. What will Adelynn be doing at 2? We can't wait to see but we are very happy to enjoy her every day.


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