Baby Motion

Adelynn's mobility has been keeping me very busy. She is still doing the bum scoot across the floor to get around. For as uncomfortable as that looks for her to do she is very fast. More importantly she is getting into things. Many things. Things I don't want her to be getting into, you know, like the diaper bag or backpacks or cat food.

So while she is making her way around the floors I am running around between my chores and locating her next discovery. Such as that kitty tape on the furniture. She loves that tape. I have to "re-set" her to the living room rug where her toys happen to be scattered about.  Often she will find interest in those little somethings around her keeping busy for 5 minutes. The biggest problem I have is that darn baby curiosity. She is quite clever and always looking to investigate new things. For the time being she is unable to climb very well but that is only a matter of time. Her fascination with stairs has me on edge. I'm sure she will figure those stairs out soon and get into all sorts of mischief.

The days of busy toddler-hood are ahead. I better rest while I can!


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