Flamingo headpiece

Leah wants to be a flamingo for Halloween. We decided not to buy the headpiece that matched her costume. It was $30 and not quite what she wanted to wear. Instead we decided to make one ourselves. She chose some pink feathers and pink felt and we set to work. At first I pictured her wearing a party mask. Unfortunately that did not work out for us. All the masks we bought were too big for her face. Darn those adult sized masks. The craft store did not have child sized ones and after trying to re-adjust the eye holes unsuccessfully we had to come up with another plan. I trimmed the remaining mask to form a sort of headband to rest on her forehead.

Once we had the size formed we set to work cutting pieces of felt to fit the headpiece. Next came the fun part gluing on the feathers. With a hot glue gun the process went quickly. When we thought the feathers looked just right we glued the felt on top to finish up her headpiece. For comfort we added another piece to the back to keep the rough plastic mask from bothering her forehead. She loved it! I think it looks great. The best part is she feels like her costume is complete. She also likes the feeling of having a flamingo look without having to wear a mask. Now that I think about it, being mask free probably is best when running around at night.

We spent a total of $5 for this headpiece. It took us 30 minutes to complete. I'd say quite a bargain.


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