Joy of Toast!

Toast is something I never put much thought into. I mean, it's toast, a side dish to some folks. Second fiddle to the eggs or soup. I've always enjoyed toast with my eggs at breakfast. Over the years those eggs and toast breakfasts have been replaced with others. I go for cereal, oatmeal even an egg sandwich. I just forgot about that toast.

But toast, toast was patient with me. It was there waiting for me. Waiting for the perfect moment for me to come back and embrace its crusty deliciousness. That moment came in the form of a little baby. I credit Adelynn for reminding me about the simple joy in a piece of toast. Her love of bread has been the motivator for me to incorporate more whole grains into our day and mostly into her body.

We have been fortunate to have a very great CSA farmer. Love them! This season there was an option to add a loaf of bread from Great Harvest Bread Co. to our weekly share. I'm so glad that I took advantage of this well made bread option. Each week we had been getting a different bread which was really fun for us to be surprised with the fantastic loaf varieties. Then one week I chatted with the owner and gushed about how much my kids loved the Honey Whole wheat bread. They loved the cinnamon bread too but that one is more of a treat, although he did remind me that even that loaf is 100% whole wheat. Anyhow, so now he makes sure that we get the honey whole wheat. We have been using that loaf to go along with supper, soup nights make it disappear, and breakfast.

Slicing the bread was difficult at first. Now I'm getting better at making smaller slices. Yet I kinda prefer those chunky pieces. They make the best toast. The quality bread makes a difference. I mean, wow, have you had some good hand made bread toasted up lately? It's just so wonderful. That hearty bread makes toast become more than just that little pile of crunchy bread sitting next to your eggs. It becomes a belly filling wrap your arms and hug yourself fantastic simple meal.

Adelynn wakes up early every day. Usually she is ready for the day at 6:30am. It's perfect for our family since our middle schooler needs to be up too. As we go about the morning routine I often toss 2 slices of our CSA bread into the toaster. My coffee brews and the baby explores the living room. Sometimes I put peach spice jam one one slice and butter on the other. I try to mix it up a little so that we can eat all that jam I made. If given a choice Adelynn much prefers to eat her toast with peach spice jam. She will eat the buttery slices but she always makes sure that she can take the peach bites first. 1 year old and already has it figured out. I love that she loves the jam. Munch and play a fine start to the cooler mornings we have been getting in these parts. Sadly our bread supply will be coming to an end as the CSA is wrapping up for the season. Perhaps that means I need to begin my own bread making so that me and my girl can have our morning toast together.


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