The second strange cat

Lincoln is one strange cat. I am convinced that there will never ever be a typical cat permitted to live in the F'Laker home. For some reason oddballs are meant for us. I suspect that is in line with our wacky ways.

Gaea was a guard cat who played fetch and never jumped up on counters. She despised all guests and all other animals. She chattered when stalking critters making a squirrel like sound. She would not eat fresh fish, only raw shrimp or canned tuna.

Lincoln is a really friendly kitty. He loves to be around his family and take in our attention. If we are in a room together he will plop right down in the center of our activity. Even if that means crashing the supper table. He has a habit of tackling people while they are sitting down reading or some other quiet activity. That can be annoying because you just don't expect a cat in your face. Especially when that cat was 20 feet on the opposite side of the room.

The other odd thing is he does not like the litter box. His NEW spiffy nice litter box sits hardly used in a private spot in the basement. Nope. He does not like that litter box much at all. He will use it if he has to but he prefers outside. He sits at the backdoor like a dog meowing to be let out. After breakfast he has to go out and take care of business. Often he remains outside until after the big girls have gone off to school. He will return and finish up his food, smother Adelynn, bite my feet then finally curl up for a little before lunch nap. He does this all day. I used to worry about letting him out just before sunset but no more. At 9pm if he has yet to return I open the door call his name "Here Linky, Linky, time to come home" and he'll respond with a meow or two letting me know that he's coming along.

Strange cat. I think he's a cat. He really does many dog-like things. Of course the going outside thing is not so bad. Makes less litter box clean up which is great for me. His other dog traits involve his night time habit of sleeping at the top of our stairs in hallway between our rooms. Another guard kitty, with a more pleasant attitude. He has a problem with food. He loves to eat Cheerios and ANY of Adelynn's leftover food. No matter what she may have been eating he wants what's remaining. That can be a problem if I happen to step away a moment leaving Adelynn to nibble on her meal only to hear her screaming at the cat. And there he is on her high chair chowing down on as much as he can before I get my hands on him. Silly. Absolutely silly. Now I'm better at getting everything to the table so that he can't swoop in and steal Adelynn's food. Soon it won't mater because she will be able to toss him aside. As soon as she realizes she can pick him up he's toast. Right now the big food issue is his problem of not leaving the pantry door alone. He will sit there staring at the door pawing at it and even in extreme circumstances wrestling with it to pry the door open. I have to keep Lincoln in line otherwise he will become Garfield fat. Crazy food loving cat.

Given all the nutty things he does he really is a good cat. Sure we had some disagreements on decorating choices, such as my silk curtains in the dining room. I thought that they looked great and he, well he, shredded them up to pass on the hint I needed a new look. So, you see, we are communicating and things are becoming better. If he tries to mess with my kitchen then he's got another thing coming.


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