Woman Wondering

It has been a Wonder Woman sort of week. We have the DVDs of season 2 of the New Adventures of Wonder Woman TV series from back in the day. Season 2 is by far the best one to watch. There are some good episodes in this block. This DVD set has found itself on constant play. The girls love Wonder Woman and have ever since their first exposure to her 5 years ago. For me it's a hilarious circle of life. When I was little I was an avid fan, maybe even a slightly obsessive fan. I remember eagerly watching each episode weekly. I loved pretending to have super powers saving those in need from danger.Wonder Woman was my heroine. My 8 year old self hoped to grow up to be a superhero.

I'd love to have some of Wonder Woman's powers. I know some of you are thinking and chuckling to yourself. No, I don't want her lasso or other fun crime fighting accessories. What I'd love to have is her unending endurance. I sure could use that when dealing with a determined baby. That spinning to change would be nice too. Think of how awesome that would be as a Mom to be able to transform out of your pajamas into a put together lady. As I consider Wonder Woman's accessories a moment, that lasso would be very handy to have when dealing with bickering daughters or cheating auto-mechanics. 

So, why did I stop thinking Wonder Woman was awesome again? I think it's time for me to go old school and revive that little girl in me and make her my favorite superhero once more.


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