Advent calenders

It's getting close to that time of year that makes everyone feel cheerful. Advent is soon approaching and we have plenty to do to get ready. Children are thinking thinks of twinkling lights and Santa Claus. I am thinking of books. Those wonderful stories that are tucked away in our basement.

 This year I promise to be on top of the Advent calenders for the children. We try to do something Lego based every year. Besides the Lego calender I bring out the Christmas books. My big task for the upcoming week is to find my box of Christmas books for my Advent Book calender. I put the books away in a different box every year so that makes my quest tricky. Good thing testing the weight is an easy way to figure out which box those books are inside. I want to get the books out next week so that I can have plenty of time to sort them out. I like to have them organized to coordinate the book's theme for specific dates during the Advent season. This year a new little person will be able to take part in our tradition. Last year she wasn't much able to understand why those crazy wrapped things were under a Christmas tree. I'm looking forward to seeing Adelynn take part in our family book tradition. This year I'll be adding in some books for Adelynn to enjoy. Already a book lover this is just the tradition to nestle deep within her heart of memories. She loves books through and through and I love, love, love that she is so fond of them.

Every year I always think that I'd like to try a new Advent calender, but lack of time seems to prevent me from getting too far. Still it does not mean I don't enjoy looking for other options. If you are looking for something new to try there are many great ideas at the Crafty Crow site. The Advent Calenders entry will certainly give you plenty of inspiration.


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