Today is a good day. Despite the rainy gloom outside there is a happy baby back to our home. The visit with the orthopedic doctor was good. No, great. Her cast was removed. What a blessing that is for us. Results of the x-ray indicated that indeed she did have a broken leg. I assumed that despite what that Doctor man told me about her not screaming when he pushed on her leg. She's a tough girl and was likely frightened so being her typically inquisitive self she remained quiet. So that's the bad news. An actual broken leg.

Good news is that her bone had healed up super fast. Which means no more cast required. But...there's a catch. She is healed enough to use her leg and go about her life as normal. But she is still compromised. If she were to fall or do anything to bang up that leg it could re-break. So common sense is we need to handle with care. She needs to be careful with that leg. We need to be gentle and aware that it is still sensitive. Not a problem. If that means no cast we can do that!

We go back in two months for a follow up to check on how the bone is growing. Mostly to make sure her bone is growing straight. After that I think we will be totally good to go. I love the speedy super grow power of baby bodies. If not for that she would be stuck in that cast for several more weeks.

With all this freedom I wonder how she will o? She is already looking at her leg suspiciously. I think we'll know by tomorrow how having her leg back is making her feel. I know I'm looking forward to bathing a baby without all that keeping a leg dry while holding a busy baby in the tub. Simple things. I do love the simple things.


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