Hop Along

We have managed to get through week one with the splinted leg. It has been a very long week. Now that Adelynn has accepted her injury she is far more cheerful than she was just days ago. Just in time too. I was beginning to wonder how her demeanor would be with this confinement. Although she is doing better she is still battling moments of frustration. She has been trying hard to be on the move despite that leg. Some days are better than others. I know that she prefers to scoot around on the wood floors to take advantage of the smoothness of the floor. Carpeting prevents her from moving as fast as she would like so she will often get upset with her needing to put forth more effort to move.

I've been busy getting done with pre-Thanksgiving things AND keeping a little baby busy. She may seem back to normal but I know she has become more clingy. Her independence has been put into question ever since that accident last week. Prior to the injury she was getting more bold and taking on the world with confidence. Now she still wants to be independent BUT she is far more aware of my location. If I step out of eyesight she starts to panic. She screams for me. It's heartbreaking. I hate to see that piece of her confidence being smothered by her fear. Little by little we will be working on getting her back that confidence.

We have a several hour drive ahead of us today. I hope for a good drive. I know that Adelynn is going to be testing her patience in that carseat as we head to Ohio to visit some family. I'm looking forward to familiar faces and familiar foods. We won't be there long these little holidays always go by so quickly. I know a Grandma who can't wait to see this little baby and smother her with hugs and kisses.


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