One more day

Tomorrow Adelynn goes for a follow up appointment to check on the status of her tibia. Oh hope of hopes do I hope that she can take that splint off her leg. Her confinement has been wearing me out. Mostly emotionally. Now at two weeks into this splint gig she has grown accustomed to sleeping with a straight leg. So the sleeping part has improved for us both which is BIG big I tell you but still she struggles to fall asleep. Getting past the nighttime routine was a tremendous hurdle. She and I were just beat that first week. Comfort is such a priority for babies, or at least for our littlest princess it is imperative. It goes back to the mobility topic. She was having a time getting that leg to rest in her crib. With all her moving about in her sleep I can see why it had been so difficult for her to figure out some nighttime mojo. If anything that leg has kept her more still at night. I tell you what these F'Laker babies can not be still even in sleep. Every one of my girls wiggle all around that crib during the night. The strangest thing.

Being a busy body has made this leg injury a challenge for little Adelynn. Always on the move she has been taking a new perspective as observer and less as a do-er. Of course now that her time with this splint has increased she has figured out how to scoot efficiently. Good thing because she was going bonkers not being able to get going. This Mama just has no idea what a little girl like her wants to do when she is on the task of play. My reading her noises have been disappointing to her. When I think she wanted to be near the doll house it really was the tractor she wanted. Oh the scowls she has given me. She has been seriously doubting my abilities, I can see it in her expressions. Hilarious I tell you. Sometimes I wonder if she thinks this Mama is too silly. I have been finding it difficult watching her try to stand with her bum leg. She is at the point where she wants to get up. She wants to walk. Watching her observe fellow little people is hard. I can see in her eyes the longing to get up and move around. She tries so hard to pull up on the couch but she can't manage to get past that knee level. Joints, they are a necessity after all. So we have been waiting and hoping that this little leg of hers is healed up and ready for some action. Well, gentle action. We will be taking things very carefully around here for a good while. Just hoping for good news tomorrow.

Besides a bum leg there has been issues with division in this house. Olivia seems to be missing the connections with multiplication and division. I'm not certain where the confusion lies or where she missed the understanding but it's there and it needs to be corrected. Me, the forgetful mother was not on top of things yesterday. That holiday really put me out of the loop. That or I just assumed at this point in the school year the girls will just do their homework and seek help as needed. I did not expect Olivia to casually bring up the need for help at 8:45pm. A packet full of math. At 8:45pm. Hours and hours of her doing "homework" must have been something else. Not that math at 8:45pm is terrible, well it is, because that is just the time when Adelynn is getting bedtime grouchy. So much for good timing. At first it seemed like Olivia was having difficulty with some of the larger division problems. No big deal. We talked them over and I thought she got it. Then I noticed that she was taking far too long to do a problem, a problem that was relatively easy to do.

Ahhh math. You lousy little beast. I curse you and the schools for trying to teach kids your methods in a "new" and "improved" way. Olivia was clearly frustrated, I was frustrated. She is and always has been TEH AWESOME at math. (yes misspelling intended) I just could not figure out how this math girl was baffled by long division. I'm still not certain. I mean, give me a break here, she did hand me a 4 page packet at nearly 9pm with a screaming baby on my lap. After a little break for me to put Addie to sleep I sat with her in her room to finish this packet. Eyes shutting closed due to exhaustion she tried to work out those problems. Yes. Yes I did make her stay up until 10:45pm to finish that homework. We talked through each problem one by one until she was finished. 2 lessons were learned last night. One: don't ask your Mom to help you with your homework at 9pm thinking she will do it for you and Two: Mama will make you finish it all before you get to go to sleep no matter how long it takes.

After a brief discussion about pride and knowing when a good time to ask for help is she went to bed. I'm still pondering where her problem lies. She has a decent grip on her multiplication tables so it's not there. I can only conclude her confusion has to be in the method by which division has been taught to her. Even Leah mentioned this morning how she tried to assist Olivia only to have Olivia tell Leah that was the wrong way to work the problem. Oh bother. I know what we'll be doing this week and all of December. MATH. I'm going to make sure this girl is going to be the math whiz she once was and give her some understanding back.

While Olivia works on math Leah has been studying geography. She won her classroom Geo-Bee and is super excited to win her 6th grade team's level Geo-bee. I was so proud of her. She was so proud of herself. And for good reason; She did wonderfully. She has been quite the talker about this geo-bee. Everyone in her class did not expect quiet Leah to win with 100% correct answers. Apparently there is another little boy in her class who is known to be a super smart kid. Everyone expected him to win with ease. She showed him! This makes her father quite proud. He has taken a big lead in getting Leah properly enlightened. Her goal is to win the school's whole 6th grade Geo-bee. I think she can do it. She just has to learn some crazy stuff, or well if she learns everything her father wants her to learn then it will be crazy. I mean crazy as in OCD geography crazy information. Keith is some what of a map nerd so she is in excellent hands for training. Me my part is to keep track of the geo-bee dates and keep her on task. So long as I don't need to learn all the rivers located in Columbia I'm good.


Anonymous said…
Keith's Daughter won the geo-bee? Go Figure! Congrats Leah.~ Laura

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