Learning girl

Fifteen months old her blue eyes seems brighter and her chubby baby arms are slowly fading. Blond curls are getting longer her words are becoming clearer. Adelynn has been so focused on independence since her accident last month. She being bound to sitting still for so long has put her focus on things she can do. Since mobility had to be put on hold she has been working on learning to keep busy other ways. We've spent a good deal of time working on puzzles and drawing. She loves to draw. I'm very happy about that new fascination. Children and art are a big love of mine.

During Advent we lit our Advent wreath candles at supper time every night. The big girls take turns blowing out those candles using a snuffer. After a week of seeing this Adelynn finally vocalized her desire to take a turn. Me, a hesitant mother, was not sure she was ready to handle such a big task. Keith being the understanding father suggested that she was quite ready to try herself. And, you know what? She surprised us all by picking up that snuffer handling it perfectly as she gently lowered it over the candle flame. Snuffing out each candle she proved to us that she too is a big girl. Oh the smile on her face. The pride in her expression. She was so pleased with her success. Not only did she want to prove to us that she can do things she also needed to prove it to herself. Confidence. An important life lesson that needs to be learned. An important lesson that I need to allow her to explore.

She has been busy understanding things. Understanding what they are used to do and how to use them properly. An observant learner she has been eager to grow in her abilities. Amazing. I forget how quick the toddler brain learns. Each day she is going to surprise us.


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