Peg a peg

Mischief has returned to our house and it's name is Adelynn. The cast gone from her leg has given her mobility back. No longer cautious with a bound up leg she has been taking full advantage of the ability to use both of her legs to scoot around. Still scooting she is getting around fine, almost too fine, downright speedy I'd say.

A full day later and you would never have known she was injured. Moving around the house with such speed she is making up for all that lost time. She has been exploring every corner she had been unable to visit during her cast confinement. This self entertainment has been helpful for me. I've been able to toss a load of laundry in the washer, grab a bite to eat or even use the restroom without her panicking about my location. And, that, that my dears is a world of difference for me and the household. While Adelynn is getting herself reacquainted with the corners of our home I've been frantically catching up on all that housework I've been putting off. There is loads to do but I don't expect it all to be complete tomorrow. That's an impossible expectation. I just need to get back into the routine of buzzing around the house cleaning while she is motoring around the living room. Those weeks off entertaining a baby has put me in all sorts of wonky.

Earlier today I was cleaning the kitchen as Adelynn was playing with her nativity set. In the afternoon I like to leave our front door open to take advantage of the sunshine to warm the living up. That sun is just the perfect angle to blast the front of our house with some free heat. In addition I just like having the door open for when the big girls come home from school. It just seems more welcoming to them to have that door open especially on sunny days. Adelynn enjoys looking out the door too. She likes to watch the birds and trees and sometimes that kitty who likes to sleep on the porch. While I was busy cleaning I kept hearing this strange noise. Something metallic. Very weird. I set my sponge down to peek around the corner towards the living room. Adelynn had abandoned her nativity set and was sitting in front of the door. Her little legs folded up in front of her toes wiggling. That is her concentration position. She was fingering something on the lower part of the door. I approached the door and heard a loud "plink" noise. Clapping her hands she turned towards me to show me her victory. She had pulled the pin/peg out of the storm door closer.

And then it all made sense. I noticed yesterday that the door seemed to open and close easier when I went to get the mail. I discovered that pin/peg was missing. I assumed it came out from use since it was laying in the door sill. I put it back together and went about my day. But today. Today yes, yes, today it makes perfect sense how that pin/peg came out. Adelynn has been working hard to remove it from the closer. She is fascinated with little things. Picking at bits and pieces. I am going to have to keep good watch of her as this fascination may very well be a problem. I can't think of anything else small and needing bits removed from it but that's what is giving me pause. Never did I expect a baby to feel the need to remove that pin/peg from a storm door closer. Of all the other things she can wreck all over the house at the moment she chose the door closer. Hmmm. I'm glad I put those outlet covers in, what do you suppose she like to cram into them? The only other thing that I can expect some problems with are the furnace vents. I think that we'll be finding all kinds of stuff being shoved into them.

Ahhh mischief, we are so glad you have returned.


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