This and That and Something Else

Between the busy tasks of my day I am bossed around by the smallest dictator living in our home. I kid, I kid, she's not so much of a dictator as she is a persuasive taskmaster. Adelynn paired with her strong arm guy, Lincoln, keep me busy all day. I think it's difficult now. I know that once she begins walking there will be far more chaos than I can handle. Toddler-hood has become the new lifestyle. While I feel that she is quite the demanding gal I know that she is just having fun exploring the house. We've been having some issues though. It seems that this delightful little girl really enjoys picking at little things. She likes to pull the pin out of the storm door piston. That makes for a fantastic game of "Did the baby eat the door pin" which so far has been a negative. Good thing she just tosses that pin aside to find something else to pull apart. This past week she has become fond of tasting the Christmas ornaments and decorations. Very strange. The Advent book tree has been a challenge. Adelynn just likes to help herself to opening up books. I think she will be a pro at opening presents by Christmas. Candy canes are a hit with her. She discovered them by accident and has become very addicted to the candy. I can expect her to work hard at trying to reach those candy canes up high on the tree. Busy, busy, busy that's what I'll be keeping this baby from getting into those treats.

We have more cookie dough to make this weekend. I hope to get it finished up by next week but knowing how my weeks have been getting away from me....well I'll just hope for the best. The big girls have been enjoying friends and the last reasonable days of warm weather. Soccer training has been taken indoors keeping Olivia busy on the weekends. Leah has been studying geography to prepare for the next level of the school geography bee. We hope that she can keep up the good work.


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