This morning

The neighborhood dogs are barking with such excitement that I know it is the result of my ridiculous kitten Lincoln prancing about in front of them. That cat is quite the trouble maker around those dogs. Our neighbors use one of those invisible fence products to keep their dogs in their yard. It's a fantastic product. If we had a dog we would likely use it too. It certainly keeps your yard open and allows for easier mowing. The downside are cats. Little trouble making cats who know that those dogs are being retained by an invisible border. Well at the very least Lincoln is keeping busy and the neighbor's dogs are feeling important!

While Lincoln is busy keeping the dogs occupied our neighbors from some where behind us is doing something very noisy. Building something I suppose. Or perhaps it's just making noise for the sake of making noise. We have plenty of those kind of guys in this area. I think it might be some Daddies trying out new toys, err, I mean power tools. So long as it's not that one guy who likes to get the leaf blower out for hours on end I'm fine with the noise. Who leaf blows their yard at 8pm at night? Who would do that? What kind of person thinks that is the best time to get yard work done? The kind of person who has too many flood lights on the backside of their house and crazy routines that's who.

The big girls have been mostly quiet this morning. That is until the races began. The annual sleeping bag stairs race has begun. Every morning there have been what I am calling the qualifications. Those girls have been fine tuning their speed and endurance down the basement steps. It just makes my body hurt watching them. Not the morning activity I was hoping to hear at 7am but at least they are busy.

Adelynn is cooing to herself in her crib. It's a comforting noise to hear. She has been having some difficulties sleeping at night. Instead of getting teeth in a few at a time, say starting 6 months ago, she is getting them all caught up now. 5 teeth at once. Yes. That is 5, one, two, three, four, five. FIVE. Four on her lower jaw and one on the upper jaw. Even with a little meds she has been waking up too often. Often equivalent to newborn sleep patterns. Not that Adelynn has been the very best sleeper of all. No. She is not. That award is still around the neck of our reigning champion, Olivia, who was by far the very best sleeper of the three. At Adelynn's age (15 months) Olivia would reach for her crib at bedtime. No fussing not one complaint. She was serious about her sleep. Adelynn is a nice mixture of her sisters sleep patterns. When she's out she sound asleep. If she is the least bit awake there is a long road ahead of convincing her to go back to sleep. I digress....So she had a rough night again. It's going on three weeks of rough nights. I'm feeling like a truck has run me down this week. Her teeth with my teeth ugh. I'm sick of teeth that's what. While hers are coming in two of mine are coming out.

I need to get 2 wisdom teeth removed. They are causing all sorts of problems and it's time to get 'em outta there. My eviction notice will be implemented on Tuesday. Those teeth get to live it up for a few more days. I'm glad because one of them has been a little sassy. So sassy it's painful. I hope that troublesome tooth gets yanked out first. Once the surgery is complete I need to set up an orthodontist appointment for Leah and me. We both have to get our underbite issues fixed. Hers is less disastrous compared to mine. Nonetheless it will not be the best fun ever. Although it will be a long process in the end we will both have some good looking teeth.

Now I hear Adelynn making her frustrated noises. That means she is ready to get going for the day. Time to get her dressed and fed so that she can kick that soccer ball around the house.


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