2012 Randomosity

We welcomed in the new year very mildly. I managed to stay up until 10:30pm on New Year's Eve enjoying some bubbly watching Much Ado About Nothing with the Mister. I know, what a part pooper I am! It's just too much for me to stay up that late knowing I was going to get up to nurse my Adelynn 3 times during the night. I figure what was the point to ring in the New Year watching the ball drop on TV when all I wanted to do was sleep. Interestingly our neighborhood was very quiet. Considering years of crazy parties and fireworks I was very surprised with the quiet entrance of the new year. Suspicious almost.

I actually prefer it quiet and gentle. We have the whole year to be rowdy. Letting the year begin quietly makes for a more delightful start. Our day at home was spent playing with Legos, movie watching, and taking down the live tree, which wasn't much alive any more. We have kept the artificial tree in our front room up to last the duration of the 12 days of Christmas. The cat finds nap time refuge under its boughs. Adelynn still enjoys decorating and un-decorating the lower branches. I need to stack up our Advent books labeling them with the dates for the next Advent season. This year I mean it! I will wrap those books before I pack them away for the year.

I spent Monday afternoon with Leah working on her family history project. We talked about traditions that have been a part of our families. While she read and I prepared a HUGE pan of lasagna I answered questions she had about my family. There were plenty of things to discuss and we could have talked for days just pondering on the past. She still needs a few more gaps to fill in this week but I think so far she is doing quite well with information. She needs to write a paper, fill out a genealogy chart, and map showing the migration of the family. We will then gather up some extras to put together a fab display for her presentation. This is going to be a great project and she will get a dynamite grade.

Olivia will begin Spring soccer pre-season training this weekend. She has been missing her teammates so much. I'm thankful that she enjoys spending time with all those gals. They really are a great bunch of girls which is why I think that this is such a strong team. We'll see how this season goes for those hard working girls. When she is not thinking about soccer she has been playing with her American Girl doll. She has been thoroughly interested in the historical side of her doll. Wonderful! We need to get that history fire lit inside that girl. Olivia has been full of all sorts of stories about her doll, Kit. Kit is from the 1930s in Cincinnati, Ohio. Olivia watch the movie at a friend's house and has been fully obsessed with the doll. I think we need to get her the books so that she can do some more reading.

Adelynn's leg has healed 100%! She is growing her boned straight and strong. We will return to double check that leg in April. I hope she keeps ups the good straight bone growth. She was given the all clear for working on walking. That is certainly the goal. Get her going. She is in need of mobility that will allow her to keep up with those big sisters outside. She has been fascinated with her little soccer ball. She scoots around the floor kicking that ball all over. I wonder what she will be like once she is walking. If she keeps up her soccer fixation she may be the family ringer. I know Olivia will be working with Adelynn to get her into soccer stardom! We shall see.

I had to have 2 wisdom teeth removed on Tuesday. They were causing too many problems for my upper jaw. One tooth was slightly decayed. Not my fault. It was poorly located in the very back in such a way that no matter how well I brush my teeth that tooth was not going to be a long term tooth. I just decided to allow them to remain until they had to go. Go they went. My right side must have been an easy tooth to remove because I have no pain on that side of my face. It's tender of course but I would not have known anything was done if that unmistakable gap wasn't there. Now with a puffy left side of my face I'm just waiting to get back to normal. The left tooth must have been a sassy one. It is giving me the most pain. I've been icing it and keeping hydrated. I'm trying not to have to use the BIG drugs relying on just Tylenol or Advil but tonight I might need to take a stronger medication. I just hate taking anything knowing that Adelynn is still nursing. I wasn't given anything different from what I had after the c-section but still....I prefer to keep what I can out of her system. Perhaps a milkshake is in my future for tomorrow.

We got a dusting of snow last night. Always exciting to see we hoped for more than that hardly noticeable amount of snow. It's not very promising for us to get much XC skiing in this season. We are hoping for a decent late season storm to dump a ton of snow in West Virginia. Just one big snow wold make a world of difference to this snow loving family. I'd love to see Adelynn in her snow pants and puffy coat, what adorableness that would be! Me I love me some snowmaggedon. Nothing better than being home with a pot of soup simmering on the stove and plentiful snow falling all around. Love, love, love, it. Maybe we will have some when we visit our family in the mountains.


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