Knitting updates

To keep my mind off of the wisdom tooth pain I have been knitting like mad on Adelynn's kimono sweater. I am bound AND determined to get this sweater finished by the end of the month. I will not allow this sweater to end up like that failed pink nightmare I was making for Olivia. That poorly sized wrong yarn for the pattern sweater was a hopeless project from the start. I have learned from my mistakes and will make my Olivia a sweater that will be a success. I just need to find a pattern for her. I'm for cardigans. They are much less work!

While I ponder that I am already looking to the next baby sweater to knit. Tiny Tea Leaves is my next project for Adelynn. I am going to cast on in a size 4 so that I have the time to work on it while I work on something for Olivia. I'm thinking that maybe a shrug is more for Olivia but I should consult her opinion. I'd hate to get started on something only to discover that she wants something quite simple and easy.

Leah has been quite pleased with her Hermoine hat. She loves it to death. Although it is not the warmest of hats on blustery days it is the perfect hat to wear on a cold day. I think that I'll make myself one that pattern is quite pretty. I still need to get a hat made for the littlest one. Correction knit a hat that she will wear. Last winter she wore any hat no problem. Now that she is a toddler and well aware of her head and being able to take control what is placed on it those hats just don't last long. I may not find a hat that's right for her. She has made it very clear that she prefers to be hat free. There is always next year.


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