Colorado on my mind

We took a quick trip to Colorado to get in some much needed snow time. Keith and the girls hit the slopes with gusto. I remained at home with the non-skiers and entertained little Adelynn. Fortunately for us a snow storm blew through adding to the snowtastic fun we hoped to get. Not only did we get to enjoy the snow we were able to partake in the awesomeness of the family Super Bowl party. Loads of people crammed in around a TV with excellent food is certainly our family's idea of a great time. Adelynn enjoyed her first Super Bowl party. She was willing to try everything but learned that not all things are as tasty as a baby thinks it will be. She practiced some walking with several willing Aunties and Uncles and grandparents to help her along. Still she's not walking solo but she does want to be a big girl. We all had a wonderful time and do miss all that snow.


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