Random Thursday

Once again I have a head full of random thoughts to share. This typically happens when I take far too much time away from writing. I'm working on being better at this time management part of my life. Writing is an outlet and totally needed for my own benefit. Not that this entry is going to be anything spectacular, rather a mental dump.

The kitty Lincoln has been so full of spring fever I can't imagine how nutty summer will become for him. If given the chance he will slip out the back door as Keith comes home. Doing so ensures that Lincoln will be left outside all night to party it up with his kitty friends. That's all well and good but.....I'm not entirely comfortable with him being out all night. Maybe last week I was, or even two days ago, but not now. Remember our adopted cat, or rather the cat Sun who adopted us? Ever since Lincoln has been feeling more brave and secure in his territory, our yard, Sun has been keeping a good distance away from us. Last evening while enjoying the perfect weather 'ol Sun came by for a visit. Sadly Sun does not look well. It seems like he has had some sort of run it with something terrible. His right ear got the worst of it and is no longer pointed. It's floppy and red looking as if he were in a terrible fight. A sturdy bandage around his neck is also another discomforting sight. We are very glad that Sun is being cared for and clearly survived his accident/fight or whatever but I am bothered. Knowing that Sun loves being outside all the time makes me worry for our little guy Lincoln. Lincoln is perfectly happy spending his day outside playing and lounging about. I know he is a big cat with more to grow yet but there are some no good rotten things in this world that can do him harm. Whereas I am fine with Lincoln being outside during the day at night I worry more. There are fox and I'm sure coyotes. I've never seen a coyote but they are quite good at being unnoticed. The DC area has them and with us being out in a more open area I'm sure that there is a good likelihood of some local packs. Typically I do leave Lincoln inside if I happen to go out for one reason or another. I feel more secure knowing that while I'm stopping by the market or at an appointment that at least he's inside where he can stay out of trouble. He tends to find it thrilling to taunt our neighbors' dogs. In the meantime we'll try to keep Sun's spirits up and offer him treats and plenty of pets to remind him that he's safe in our yard. I do hope Sun has learned a lesson about straying too far from home. He may not officially be our kitty but we do have a tremendous soft spot for Sun. After all he did choose us to be his favorite family.   

I am convinced that there is some sort of toilet paper eating creature lurking in my house. Then again maybe I'm just so clueless as to the amount of tp our family needs. Nonetheless I doubt the rapidness of tp use in our home will cease to baffle me. You'd think I could find other things to occupy my thoughts but I guess not. I need to get out more.

I've been feeling better so I'm looking to the kitchen these days. Even though I want to cook I have decided that simple is more my style. My energy is not quite back to normal leaving me seeking more one pot meals. I'm totally on board for leftovers night too. Cook once eat many times. Hello big meals and casseroles. Perfect timing too. The spring weather is still randomly cool making those big hearty meals so desirable.  Even now as I write I'm thinking about a big gooey pan of lasagna. I'll have to get that on my supper list for next week.

Adelynn has been in daycare as I recover. My heart breaks every time we drop her off to her school. She has been crying every day when we leave. I know that once we have gone she is fine and ends up enjoying herself. Still those memories of her quivering lip and sad eyes hurt my heart. It's making Adelynn stronger by encouraging her to learn how to interact with other children without Mama around. She does like her new friends and being able to play with them all day. Next week I find out how much longer I can't do anymore lifting. If I'm given the ok then she can stay home with me. Otherwise she will need to stay in daycare until I'm permitted to lift her up. I'm hoping for the best.


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