Wok, wok, wok

Today Adelynn took her first solo steps. She has been walking assisted for a while now using furniture or someone's hands. She loves to walk and seeks anyone willing to help her wandering around chanting "wok, wok, wok" as she goes.

It was an exciting day. In music class this morning she got up and walked. Just like that. The music was playing the kids were dancing she decided to join in on the fun. She had been able to do a step or two but never any more. I was so proud of her confidence. She finally got excited enough to keep going. It must have been all that music and happy kids.

She walked a little bit more at home mostly on the carpet. She is still nervous on the wood floor. The prospect is fantastic. Now that she knows she can do it she will work hard to get better. How wonderful to see her walking.


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