Easter bitty toys

I've been working on some cute little bits to enjoy for Easter. I fondly remember how every Easter there would be a special hand made gift waiting for us at Granny's house. Our family would gather for an Easter brunch to celebrate. I loved everything about it. I loved being able to see all of my family especially my cousins. Kids love to play with other kids and we had such fun running around Granny's yard. A house backed up against woods was magical to us. We would play outside until it was time to eat. Then we would be cleverly herded into the basement so that our parents could set up the egg hunt. Every kid loves finding eggs plus with a little healthy competition it's even better. All sweaty and dirty we'd come back inside to dump out our baskets checking the insides of those eggs. Oh the fun of seeing what treats we found.


Although I can't compare my knitted bits to the beautiful sewed toys Granny made I think it still has the same intention. Making something with my hands for children to enjoy. Something handmade is a treasure to give. I have held on to my dear little toys made by my Granny and they are my dearest possessions. It's a lost art in families the giving of handmade. If one thing I can encourage in my children (besides being well read) is making something. Using your hands to create is a skill that will forever be a benefit to your life. I'm making an effort to carry on this tradition first with my own children and eventually with my grandchildren. My first attempt has resulted in a handful of cute little knitted bunnies. There is just something fascinatingly desirable about tiny toys. These walnut sized critters have been quick and easy to knit. I began making some little chicks but the pattern was not as expected so I abandoned those this time. Putting these cute handmade toys in my girls' hands was wonderful. Small bunnies are fun to tuck in little pockets or purses or eggs or well all sorts of places.
Planning for next year will be fun. There are so many fantastic ideas out there that it may take me a while to settle on the perfect one. I look forward to finding another sweet toy to create another piece of handmade love to gift. The tradition of handmade is one worth continuing.


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