Pink Tiny Tea Leaves

Adelynn's sweater is complete. I finished knitting it a couple of weeks ago but never got around to finding some buttons to sew on it. Not that my delay had anything to do with button supply. Nope. I can't blame the lack of decent buttons on my slowness to complete this sweater. I have nothing but time to blame. I had a difficult time choosing which buttons to use. I wanted something cute and functional to fasten the sweater together. With an obscene amount of vintage buttons to sort through it became a matter of going through 1000s of buttons. Over a course of a week I stopped by my craft nook to sift through buttons. Oh the choices. So many. Too many. Instead of cute and pretty buttons which in my mind was the vision I had for completing this cardigan I decided on simple black. For the wear and tear that a toddler sweater will see it made more sense to find a large enough button to keep the cardigan fastened. In addition these buttons needed to be durable. I selected a simply designed black plastic button. They are vintage but not overly so that if one were to go missing that I'd feel a loss for it.

With the buttons sewn on the cardigan is ready to wear. Now I just have to wait for Adelynn to grow some more. Currently it's far too large and just drapes on her. Perhaps this fall it will be right on size. It's the waiting that may just make me crazy.


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