Kitty and heirloom radishes

These are two things that do not necessarily go together. Unless, of course, you live at our house and happen to spend time outdoors. Our cat Lincoln loves to be outside. He loves to stretch out on the patio hoping for someone to give him a belly rub. While his day is spent wandering around the yard looking for critters to chase we are turning our attention to the growing season. There is something wonderful about having a kitty as a garden companion. In between his safari moments he makes time to visit us as we are working in the gardens. Although we can do without his digging help we do appreciate his affection.

We are nearing the end of our first season garden. Our growing season in this part of Virginia allows us to get in a good 3 season garden. I always start my first season the week of St. Patrick's day. Yes, this may give many master gardeners a shudder as they know we can still get another frost or two before the all clear is reached. And yes I admit it is risky of me to consistently throw risk aside and set my seeds to dirt. My belief is that by planting those cold weather veggies early I can give them a month head start to grow. I watch my garden and ensure that those little seedlings are going to grow safely. A tarp covering here and there is well worth the bounty we get by the end of April through early May.


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