Little honeybee where is your hive? How far do you travel to taste my flowers?

A mild winter and early spring has put the season into early bloom. First is was my rosemary to bloom by early April. That unexpected warm weather made the bees eager to seek pollen. Although the temperatures said come out and forage the were few flowers ready for bee action. I watched you and your hive mates checking the blooms. Even the some of you big bumblebees came to fight over the access to rosemary. Eventually the spring flowers caught up to the rosemary providing other options for your honey making back at the hive.

The foxglove so big and plentiful was a sought after stop as you explored our neighborhood. We watched, my family and I, as you all were getting lost in those blooms. Our curiosity encouraged us to come watch you closer as you worked in the flowers. Sometimes we were able to watch you busily visiting our flowers but soon the large number of you made us skittish. We realized that with so many of you bees working so hard that we may not be a welcome observer. Especially when your territorial instincts made you far feistier than we know to to be.

Next you came to see the daisies, coneflowers, gooseneck, and early roses. Very popular they too brought many of you here to our garden. These flowers being more out of the way for us to get to made your task easier. We watched you from afar and safely enjoyed your company. Yet we know what you really want, what you really sought to have; our lavender. Oh the lavender is your favorite. Eagerly you checked out the plants carefully examining each bud counting down the days until it would be ready for your visit. It began slowly with just a bee or two buzzing around. When the lavender was ready we knew it by the level of noise your collective buzzing makes. The loud hum of your group can be heard all day long. So many of you working hard in the lavender is quite a sight. Our family knows that now is the time we let you have that pert of our garden just for you. We choose to let you do your collecting while we find other places to enjoy. This works out because we love you for your incredible role for our garden. That's why I plant the lavender so you will come visit us. I bring you here to let you help my garden thrive. I need you. I am happy to have you here oh little bees we are so very pleased to be friends.

We hope you will come back each day. Our little yard has much to offer your hive. We plant with you in mind hoping your family will help ours. We look forward to seeing you all season. Even when the days grow cool and you are seeking that last sunflower and butterfly bush we love seeing you knowing that the days are coming to an end. When you are wintering in your hive to dream of my lavender? Do you hope for my sunflowers? I dream of you. I dream of the plants that will bloom the warm days seeing you fly around the loud hum you make.


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