Things moms do

The things Moms do are numerous. There are so many books you can read about the role of motherhood. They focus on the nurturing, the feeding, the home keeping, countless other duties mothers fulfill. Yet the normal random things we do are not discussed. Perhaps for the lack of excitement or the lack of those tasks' having a specific benefit to our families. Whatever the reason many of those things Moms do every day go unnoticed by society. They fall under the heading unimportant. Unimportant. Not quite the word anyone likes to hear describe the numerous things you do every day. Nevertheless in the whole big picture those things are unimportant in and of themselves. It's when you add them up year after year that the unimportant become significant. The purpose behind them become clear. The connection as to why those tasks were done silently will be remembered.

I found myself doing several of the unimportant things. Of those that I can recall, because, I myself seem to forget those unimportant things I  do, they are random and appreciated. This morning I carefully brushed out the tangled mess of hair on one of Olivia's dolls. The horrible condition of the hair has made it unmanageable for Olivia to style. Thereby creating a disinterest in care. The days of ignoring that mess not attempting to tame its hair has furthered her frustration with the doll. She left the doll on the coffee table. There it remained until I noticed the disaster that needed attention. As I finished my coffee I carefully brushed out the hair shooting out the mess. Then I found myself creating a hairstyle that will contain the lengthy hair in a compact up-do. This took maybe 15 minutes of my time but well worth the result. A new doll was set on the couch to be discovered by an unexpecting girl.

Last week I set up a doll house for Adelynn. I tracked down the various pieces to the house including furniture and the critters living there. Scattered around the house those items were difficult to find. Under the couch, in the bedrooms, around the basement, all over the place. Once collected I displayed them in a fun way for a delighted toddler to discover. She was very pleased to busily play with her house. I know it won't take long for those items to be scattered again and that I'll repeat this process countless times.

A few weeks ago, before school let out, while sorting our book collection I set aside a few books for Leah. These were titles I knew she would enjoy but may have overlooked on her own. The small stack was taken from our basement to her room. I considered handing them to her in hopes that she would take them gleefully to her room. I knew that was not the way to approach an avid reader. Her choosey personality would not be open to pile of books shoved into her hands. Instead I went to her room. I laid the books on her nightstand where she could see them and decide for herself which book would be her new read. She had an empty picture frame on her dresser. I picked it up and took it with me. I found a picture of her with her friend and put it in the frame. Another surprise for her to discover. This one took far longer for her to notice but she noticed.

All of these unimportant things add up to an outward expression of love. Mothers do them because they know it will be appreciated; They know it will be meaningful. Doing those things makes us forget about that pile of laundry and dishes we still need to clean. Remembering the things we do are important. We need to remind ourselves that to care for others is a great responsibility. The responsibility can be full of burdensome tasks but it can also be full of joyful moments. Which makes me wonder more about the significance of those unimportant things Moms do. Memories of my own mother's random unimportant tasks still remind me of the love she left behind each day. What love will you leave behind for your children? I hope it is full of unimportant memorable pieces.


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