Keeping Cool

We have been keeping this busy girl busy with water all summer. Although she loves visiting the pool this water table is quite the attraction. I try to keep it filled as often as possible so that she can splish splash away. If I don't keep my eye on this water table odd things tend to find their way into the nooks and crannies. We have found numerous rocks, lots of mulch, various food items such as chips and carrots, tomatoes from the garden, shoes, and silverware. I know there are many more things I am forgetting but you get the idea. It all must have to do with her interest in buoyancy. Or well that's my opinion of the random assortment of items found in the table. Toddlers are quite fascinating. Watching her play has been hilarious. I'm waiting for her to try to stuff Lincoln in the water. I see her eyeball him as he lounges in the sun.


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