Sweater goes along

I'm still working on Leah Tiny Tea Leaves cardigan. It has been tossed in my bag along with all things needed for a toddler on our outings. Here I set it down for a moment to play on the playground with Adelynn and Leah. We were spending Monday night keeping busy while Olivia's soccer practice was going on down the hill. The sunset made this yellow cardigan look fantastic. I know now that yellow is not the first color of choice for my nearly 12 year old girl. She was hoping for something a little more blue-ish. I should have asked her before ordering the butter yellow yarn. Despite my color choice failure she has warmed up to its color, taking an interest in my progress. At first she was not thrilled I was making her something yellow. The first fitting changed her mind. When she slid on the sweater and noticed how perfectly sized it was just for her she beamed. Yellow was no longer an issue. It was something being made for her. Just her.

I still have a good amount more to knit to complete the length. I may need to add more rows to allow the drape to hit below her waist. I think another fitting will be in store for this darling girl. Until then I knit one row a day or two and hope to have this sweater complete before school starts in September.


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