Beach birthday

We spent the weekend at the shore celebrating our summer girl, Leah. She has always been a fan of the beach and going there has become a birthday tradition. Every year she tells us that maybe just this once we don't have to go to the beach. Maybe we should stay home and have a BIG party for her and her friends. Sure all good ideas, being home is fine too but all the planning well, it just can be overwhelming. After thinking about it more she decided that yes we should make our way back to the shore for some much needed beach time. I know we don't have many years left of her wanting to be keeping her birthday small and family centered but each time is such a blessing. We get to see her being the beautiful person she has become. The laughing, the smiles, the joy of being a kid who loves the beach. All things we are so very grateful for holding onto just a bit longer. It is our very last year of kid time as next year we will be celebrating our teenage daughter. Oh my! Where has the time gone? 12 has already been fantastic and certainly will continue to be a very good year for our Leah.


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