Apple picking and fall fun

Our trip westward to the apple orchard was well needed. Being outside on those rolling hills seeking apples was a delightful break from our running around weekends. The day was great for apple picking. It was warm enough for us to enjoy the farm breezes that swept down the hills. More would have been better with the late afternoon sun shining down on us. It turned out hotter than expected! Leah and Olivia are pros at picking and eagerly sought trees with apples they preferred. Adelynn not one to waste time learned very quickly how to pick apples. She had so much fun reaching for those high apples. Good thing too since we didn't have a ladder. She and Daddy made a great pair. On their tree picking adventure they came across a curious cow. She was watching them while munching on some grass. Addie tossed that cow an apple and I swear that cow looked like she begged for the next one Addie tossed over the fence. Addie giggled and the cow was just as happy to enjoy a sweet treat. If you ask me I think that cow was well aware of that location in the pasture behind the orchard. She knew where to hang out when people were around. 

It wasn't long before we had picked a decent bushel of apples. We found a very good variety of apples. I was after baking apples, those tart delights that make the best pies. Everyone else wanted to find good snacking apples. We made our way back to the farmstead to check out that festival. Of course we had to try those caramel apples. I mean, how do you pass up a caramel apple made right in front of you? You can't I tell you, you just can not do such a thing. The girls were so eager to get their hands on that apple they must have worked up quite an appetite picking apples. Sugared up and ready to explore the festival the girls took off for the jumping pillow. I don't blame them. Those are fun. Addie took her first jump with the help of Leah. It was not quite as fun as Addie thought it be. She didn't seem to like the big jumps that pillow made. 

The highlight of the day was taking the hayride to the secret raspberry patch. Each girl just about filled themselves silly with those berries. As well as the rest of the hayride kids. I managed to eat a decent handful but I ended up wearing more than I ate thanks to Addie's stained hands. Next time I'll be sure to wear dark pants to the farm. After the hayride we played some more keeping the fun going. Addie loved those water ducks. She liked putting those ducks on the pipes to watch them wash into the water trough. Simple things are always the most fun. Although I think Daddy enjoyed those water duck races too. But the one thing that surprised us all was how much Addie loved that big slide. She kept dragging her sisters up that hill to go on down again. It was great. Eventually the day came to an end. The last to leave we were given leftover food to take home compliments of the farmer. Another reason why we love so very much to support our local farmers. Just plain good people providing a great day of fun. 


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