Gettin' Dishy

I don't know about you but I adore handmade dishcloths. I was gifted a set 5 years ago as a house warming gift. They are still holding up but I can see they are coming to the end of their duty. I'm not one to be excited about doing dishes by hand. Actually I am known for desperately trying to cram anything in to the dishwasher in an attempt to avoid hand washing. I must add that this minor problem does make the Mister annoyed. Oh well. We all have our housework idiosyncrasies.

So about the knitted dishcloths. I love to use them when I have do dishes by hand. Currently I am working on some simple replacements. I found a nice pattern but it is making a far too large for my preference sized dishcloth. A smaller cloth is more my style. I like for them to be large enough to fit in the palm of my hand without too much excess. Oh the crazy traits I have! While I finish this 10 inch square I'm still seeking other patterns.


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