Happy 2nd Birthday!

Adelynn turned two today! Two years old. These years have gone by so quickly. They always do, those baby years, passing us with far too much speed. We want them to grow but love that they are small. While she still bears evidence of the baby she was I can see traces of the little girl she is growing into.

A girl who: loves trains and dolls, adores her kitty cat Lincoln, won't turn down an Oreo cookie, will enjoy a good snuggle on the couch with her big sisters, eats grapes with gusto, loves to run, can dribble a soccer ball, gives her sisters a big cheer from the sideline, eagerly awaits Daddy to come home, needs her Mama every day, will just minutes after waking up declare she needs to swing, and is always willing to tell you "hello". From a beautiful baby girl to a cheerful loving 2 year old, Adelynn is a wonderful girl.


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