Dress the part

It smells like pumpkins around here and my costume does not fit. That means Halloween is here! Yes indeed because it's not Halloween until the smell of carved out pumpkins takes over your house AND someone's costume was a bust.

We carved pumpkins Sunday night. Once the rain set in there was not much else we could do but make a sloppy mess. Everyone had one to carve. Addie drew on hers with a dry erase marker. I ended up carving something out of all the scribbles she created. Some of the jack-o-lanterns ended up spooky. We tend to have a good mixture of scary and cute jack-o-lanterns. The jack-o-lanterns had to remain inside until the hurricane passed. They certainly would have rolled away if we put them outside. And then if they didn't roll away the critters would have been chomping on them. We've been getting some very daring squirrels around here lately. Too bad they have yet to comprehend the consequences of getting too close to a house with an avid hunting cat. Soon enough they will discover how much Lincoln loves a squirrel safari. I'm just glad that we can get the pumpkins out of the house. By day 3 they start to make me crazy with their stinky carved out pumpkin smell.

About that costume. This year it's mine that was a bust. A pain! I was looking forward to formally dressing as a witch....oh the jokes that have been told by this family about mom being a witch. Haha.... I'll get you my pretties! The costume was this very nice Wicked Witch of the West style dress perfect for our Wizard of Oz family theme this year. Keith is the Scarecrow, Leah Glinda, Olivia a flying monkey, and Adelynn is Dorothy.

The year we agree to go as a group theme of course there has to be a problem. The dress was stylistically great; It was perfectly Wicked. It sure was wicked with me too. I thought the tricks were only for getting treats! I ordered the biggest size thinking I was going to be smart and make certian it would fit. BUT No go. I have no idea who makes these costumes and who they would fit because this costume was way crazy sized. It was very long which considering the extra large size is to be expected. That was the only portion I could see that would even be a reason to label it extra large. The bodice's actual size was not sized as labeled. It was at least 2 sizes too small. The hips which was labeled as being generous was hardly. I began to think I was well, fat. And I did let those thoughts fill my head but then I started to consider how wonky this garment was designed. I knew something was screwy and it wasn't me. I had Leah try on the dress. Super thin 75 pound 12 year old daughter. She put on the dress and it made sense. The dress was made totally wrong. My arms had to squeeze through the sleeves to fit. She watched me struggle to get my arms inside. So when Leah she remarked how tight they were for her I knew this dress was made incorrectly. Too tight for her! Although the bodice and hip area were large for her there wasn't much room to spare. According to the package 2 of her should have been able to fit inside this dress. Oh the sadness. The dress design was spot on for the Wicked Witch. Too bad it was an outrageous sewing fail. Without a black dress I was back to finding something else. Since I didn't want to be the only one to miss out on our theme I had to dash up to the store to find something that could do. Fortunately I located a black dress that will sort of work. It's a costume for a phantom. That's not quite Wicked Witch enough but that's all I can wear considering the bare store shelves. (Uh, why are we taking Halloween stuff off the shelf BEFORE the actual day is over? Really?! Taking it down to put up Christmas stuff at 10am! Why?!) At this point it's trying to salvage the idea of being a witch for our Oz theme to be complete. It's not a big deal, everyone will be wearing coats anyhow so we'll look odd to begin with.

Only hours to go before the kids get to go out and trick or treat. They have been dancing around the house for days. I'm glad the storm is gone and we can enjoy some dress-up fun. I have a big pot of pumpkin stew going, beer bread is baked and cooling, the candy bowl is filled and now I have to find my witch hat and broom.


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