Hurricane Crazies

Apparently the DC area is going to get an epic storm later this weekend. We hardly get much in the hurricane category. Often our hurricanes end up not coming to shore but leave us with lots of rain. This one, well, it looks like it wants to pay DC a good hardy visit. That means rain. Days of rain. Rain is very much needed in this region. We had a dry summer, far too many actually, and now we need rain. Not that I want a major storm to dump itself silly here but we do need the moisture. I'm not counting on major issues hitting us way out in the hills. That's how people refer to our location because we are not living right next to the White House. I mean, wow, who would want to live so far from the city that you can't even walk to the Metro. Despite the geographically challenged co-workers we do find being out in the "sticks" to be far more beneficial than being closer in. For example this storm. See when you live in a major city and/or its suburbs impending disasters have a sort of a, a sort of an, just makes people go bonkers. Must be something to do with high population crammed into a tiny area. I remember studying population control with the BLM in Colorado and there is something to that prairie dog study we did. So here we are waiting for a hurricane to charge through this area and that means people are on the edge of losing it. If I do know one thing it is this: the DC area is known for being a sort of funnel for crazies. People and weather. We have seen some interesting scenarios in our 13 years here.

Thus we enter the land of insanity. Up until yesterday many people were ho-humming the hurricane announcement. "Yeah, yeah so we hear, another hurricane" I too was thinking that. Whereas many others are going on the deep end as in Crazy-nut jobs flooding the stores buying random crap; I'm looking around my house thinking that maybe I could use some more TP and beer. Otherwise we have enough food here to feed my whole street for a week. But not enough booze, or rather beer, I always have a stocked liquor cabinet. See I'm already prepared for a hurricane like a Florida native I thank my Southern friends for those pointers. What I have been seeing are people going cray at those bulk stores. Sure they have their token pack of water and some canned soup but many of the purchases are questionable. There is only so much slasa and salad a person could eat. And what the heck do people need with all those lawn chairs? Oh well. We all need to prepare for a storm differently. Just to be safe  I'm going to make sure we have some water stocked up. I have the icemaker cranking out ice (I need lots for my margaritas) to have on hand. Our camp gear is always ready for use because we have a tendancy to go on impromptu camping trips. I'm not expecting to lose power but I have the lanterns ready to go in case we need to light the grill and find the beer.

All humor aside I'm really looking forward to having family time. Being able to stay inside and see each other is one of the benefits of a big storm. The weather will keep us indoors with no reason to be any place. Looks like it's time to dust off some of those board games and dig out some good books. I may get a chance to read or knit this weekend. I don't know that may be a little too crazy talk...Mom getting a chance to sit down for a minute. Now that's funny.


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