Sandy came by

We managed to get through the Hurricane without any issues. Our power remained on and there was no water damage. We have numerous branches all over the yard and some loose chairs that needed to be put back. Otherwise it was just another storm. There were some big blasts of wind as well as rain coming down hard. We ended up sleeping in the basement Monday night. With all the tall trees and that one that nearly hit our house from the last storm we felt better staying on the lower level. It was awful though. The big girls loved it. To them it was fun getting the sleeping bags out and being able to fall asleep watching a movie. For a 2 year old it's a different story. She thought it was a party all night long. ALL. NIGHT. LONG. At 11pm when the storm was beginning to be the most strong I had enough of her jumping on us and the girls. Daddy was zonked out immediately. Lucky guy. Although he did take a nice smack to the face as Addie asked him for a kiss. So up we went to her room. As soon as I put her in her crib she went right to sleep. I watched some news and let her fall asleep. The winds picked up enough to make me re-consider that basement. Thinking that she would stay asleep I took her downstairs.

Bad idea. She woke up instantly. She was ready to play! Of course because that's what one does in the basement. The whole good idea thing was failing me. I didn't care. By this point we were facing 12am with an active toddler. I dragged out the portable crib plopped her in it and hoped she fall asleep. Nope. Not a wink. She talked, sang, complained, wiggled around until 1:30am. Then she finally became quiet with sleep. By 3am the cat decided the storm has passed enough for him to go outside. I didn't want him to go out yet because it was still windy out but instead of letting him meow me to insanity I tossed him outside. He survived.

Tuesday morning came with groggy eyes I woke to Adelynn perking up demanding she be fed. Keith took a look outside and decided to head to work. Another day off from school meant the we girls had another day together. We watched movies, folded laundry, made some crafts, and they played with toys. I found time to read and knit! Yes indeed it was a good day to be home.


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