Taking a walk has been Adelynn's favorite activity for the day. Often we are walking in the afternoon. This has been great in many ways. She is able to walk down the street without need for a stroller and we have a good time on our stroll. I love being able to enjoy the great weather exploring our neighborhood. I always hope to see some other moms out with their kids but I never do. Maybe they are too busy. Maybe they are too tired. Maybe they are at work. Simply busy.

While on our walks we often end up spending time inspecting things close to the ground. Bugs. Rocks. Sticks. Things that could be bugs. Things that look like sticks. Flowers. Dead worms. Trash.

Anything. Everything.

The world is so incredibly interesting to a 2 year old. Everything is splendid for simply being in a certain place to be discovered next to your toes. I spend an amazing amount of time stooped over inspecting these discoveries. I am prompted by her commonly used phrase "What's that?" then following her finger to the item in question. She has learned that things have names. Names that have meaning. I like hearing her repeat the name. Her 2 year old enunciation of words is delightful. She tries very hard to say words properly and is very proud when she knows that she has pronounced it correctly. Although she will pick up something for a closer inspection she does not feel obligated to collect it. I am very thankful for that habit not forming. Perhaps it is to come. Generally collecting odds and ends does make its way into the life of a child. I think we are about a year away from that behavior.

As the days grow cold there will be less for her to discover. We'll still take walks but I'm sure they will become more infrequent. If we are fortunate those walks will be on days with snow on the ground. Snow will give way to new things to see and do as we explore our ever changing neighborhood.


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