Closing in

There has been so much on my mind these days that I do feel as if my head might just detach itself and run away. If only it were that easy. The tragic events last Friday morning in Connecticut was such a heartbreaking reality that I just have been so distracted. Distracted in thought. Deep thought at times. I am so terribly upset to know that numerous lives were shattered that day.

Awful. Beyond awful.

I am heartbroken. As a parent of a very little one and two not nearly as little ones I am very concerned. Not so concerned that I feel the need to hole up in my house and stay away from society. I am concerned that there is a serious problem with our society that has led far too many people to feel violent acts are an acceptable way of dealing with their feelings. I have countless unanswerable questions all pertaining to the "Why" of this type of brutality. There is no morally acceptable answer that can justify the horrific act of violence towards children. None. Instead of letting my head fill with thoughts and anger I am going to pause. I'm going to hold my children close and be thankful for the love I can give them today. I will also be praying for the victims and their families. May God be with them as they grieve.


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