This week I have learned that......

When 3 girls are practicing for an upcoming orchestra concert while the cookie party guests arrive you will find several parents lingering around to listen to that beautiful piece.

When your Christmas lights go out and you've checked all the fuses and you still can't figure out why the blasted lights won't turn on check your deep freezer. It's probably the freezer that had a power surge and has been slowly defrosting for days.

Good thing I only had fruit and veg in that deep freezer otherwise that would have been terrible.

When Monday rolls around and you've come downstairs to go about your morning routine you just won't notice that the Christmas tree you put up on Sunday fell on the floor. You won't notice until your wife and daughter point it out.

Kitty cats still love to snuggle with the Mama. Even if he doesn't want anyone else to see it.


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