The Dr. is in

We did some after Thanksgiving cleaning to prepare the house for Advent. In doing so things that have been living in various places all over the house have been sent to new locations. One of the changes for the big girls has been clearing off their bedroom bookshelves.

Many of the books have been there for years. Others just weeks. Regardless of the books and their longevity on the shelves it had been decided to clear them out. Some of the books will be placed in the library in the basement. A few books will be donated to and the rest have been sent to the second hand bin. The second hand bin is for books going to the used book store where we will used them for store credit. After this last bit of cleaning we have a good deal to trade in. Perfect timing too. I can't think of a better way to spend a cold winter day than browsing book shelves.

Of the books meant to be placed in our basement library an enormous stack of Dr. Seuss books have finally left Olivia's room. Olivia stacked those Dr. Seuss books up in the hallway outside of her bedroom to be taken down later. If you ask me she may not have been quite ready to part with her beloved Dr. Seuss titles. Those books were quickly discovered by Adelynn. From first sight she claimed them as her own demading that we "read me" those books. So it has been days filled with the Dr. Her stack of books have slowly moved downstairs....just not quite to the basement. Nope. Not yet. Her books are resting on the coffee table in the family room. The perfect place for when she is ready for another story....which is all the time.

Already set in her favorites she adores the Cat in the Hat, Are you my Mother?, In a People House, and Green Eggs and Ham. So far we have read Are You my Mother? 10 times a day. Adelynn loves that book. When I was little I loved that book. Olivia still loves that book and will read it to Addie. Although the numerous other Dr. Seuss titles sit in a stack un-read we cannot take them downstairs. If we do and are caught Adelynn will sternly remind us that those are indeed her books that must remain on the coffee table. So if you happen to drop by please remember that the Dr. is in and he has not been given liberty to take leave.


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